👋 If you are a Coach, Service-based Business or Health & Wellness Professional you are in the right place.

About-UsDigitalShortCutz® Agency's mission is to help you, Capture + Nurture New Customers using the C.A.M.E.O  method. 

A framework specifically designed to Grow and Leverage Your Community. Authority. Messaging. Engagement. Offer.


🎯 Working with us:

We do a Brand Audit and intake interview with you. Then we Clarify what Success looks like for You. 

For our clients, we then prepare a Promotional Campaign with the DSC Online Marketing Experts. Select the best Digital Marketing strategy & software.  Determine the time frame & cost. Share details with the client. 

No two businesses are exactly alike. Different folks - Different strokes!

🎯 DigitalShortCutz® Agency is a 360° Done-For-You Marketing Agency. No task is too big or small. From launching a brand new Campaign to a much simpler website revamp. We got you 😇

🎯 For Entrepreneurs and SMB (who have the desire, time, or who are just getting started),  You can apply to become a member of the DigitalShortCutz® Membership Community.  Where you get to grow your business with the use of Community,  Software, and Virtual Coaching by Online Experts. 

🎯 Launching your business online can be very rewarding. 

However, Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. Over and over we hear from Businesses and Entrepreneurs that they struggle to stay consistent in their business. We use to be there.

These are some of the common complaints that our clients had, before working with us:

  1. On a hamster wheel trying to get new Clients:  NO system to attract a flow of new people into their business.
  2. Not trained in Marketing:   Not sure how best to promote their products or services.
  3. Do not know what content to Post on Social Media:  How often to post - what're the best practices.
  4. Challenge remembering the always-changing Algorithms: do you buy ads, not buy ads. SEO, what's that..? 
  5. Lack of Tech support: They don't have a team available when technology goes pear-shaped.
  6. Choosing the right business strategies:  How best to grow their business, when to get help, where to find good part-time assistants.
  7. Scaling your business: keep your existing customers engaged,  whilst growing a bigger audience.
  8. Lack of Time and Energy: to enjoy the things that really matter to you.

If this is You - We got You 😇. We can Help You Show Up in Front of more Customers.

Engage. Educate. Entertain. Effortlessly.  Grow your Profits.

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  • About-UsDSC Support Team 


Alexandra de Wit

Administrative Manager

I Coordinate tasks between our team of Virtual Assistants, Marketing Experts, and our clients.

I am an avid runner, Muay Thai Judo (brown belt), and a mom of a 5-year old boy. 

Formerly I worked for 3 years with an Ad agency as a video editor.

As the community manager, I liaise with the team and our clients. Say Hello Here


Dr Kyrin Hall, PhD 

Founder of DigitalShortCutz®

Trying to squeeze an extra hour, or 2 - out of the day to focus on the things that really matter is the genesis for starting DigitalShortCutz® "CAMEO Method"

I'm a Marathon Runner, Entrepreneur, Health Practitioner + + + time is 'gold-dust'.  Now I have a system to Get Time back into my day.  Awesome!

I got the Online-Marketing bug when I worked as a VJ-Videographer for MTV Canada (College Job)

I freelance as a Health Journalist (Sky TV, UK).


Nellia D

Social Media Manager

I create and design experiences to showcase you at your best.

For 5+ years, I manage the social media presence for clients:   Online marketing strategies,  and SEO optimization.

I'm crazy about all things healthy.

As a connoisseur of Social Media, I monitor trends, culture, and best practices.